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Confidential & Effective

A lot is demanded from legal professionals, not the least, perfection. Perfection isn't a human quality, no matter how good you are at what you do. But feeling fantastic about your outcomes is well within reach. You can expect to feel amazing shifts when you use hypnotherapy to specifically address the issues that are in the way of your best work. Sessions are private via Zoom, confidential, and best of all, effective.

What would it feel like to ...

  • Attract outstanding cases

  • Address any court feeling calm, sharp, and composed?  

  • Deliver arguments smoothly, convincing, consistently?  

  • Put your clients at ease with the articulate delivery of your case?

Woman professional using computer
Statue of "Justice is Blind"

Without Being Stopped by ...

  • brain fog

  • past performance replays 

  • frustrated outbursts

  • confusion

  • memory loss

I have good news.

It is possible

to recover your

confidence, composure and recall.


My method gives effective and fast results.    Hypnosis provides deep and natural changes to issues effecting your life. You will be able to optimize your strengths quickly and eradicate mental and, many times, physical issues that get in the way of your personal and professional goals. 

The steps are simple and direct.   Discuss the issues you'd like to resolve in a 15-30 minute discovery session and find out if hypnotherapy is right for you. Then go in depth on a 60 minute intake call (discussion only) to narrow down the most pressing issue you'd like to change.  The following week, find freedom in a 2 hour hypnotherapy session by understanding and reframing the critical childhood beliefs that stand in the way of your adult success. Commit to listening to the bespoke audio made for you on the day of your session so that your mind and body become receptive to the excellent things that are true about you.  Begin listening the night of your session and for 21 days thereafter. You will enjoy solid email and text support throughout the entire 28 day period and a final check in by Zoom to be sure you are getting the results you deserve.

My goal is to get you results.   You may benefit from more than one session depending on the complexity of your issue and your goals. Up to three sessions is not unusual. Let’s just make sure you get what you need to succeed.

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